math software review 4 6 – The Quarter Mile Math

Increase speed, accuracy and math confidence with The Quarter Mile Math. This math drill program can be played alone or in tournaments and is suitable for all ages. This is a great product for reviewing previously learned skills, but not for those needing to learn mathematical skills the first time around.

Teaching Tools

Although this product only consists of drills, it installs quickly, is easy to use and includes exceptional product support. This math software does not include text instruction or tutorials, it is simply built to increase math accuracy and speed.

This is only a drill program; it does not include text instruction, indexes or other teaching tools. The Quarter Mile Math consists of numerous drills with adjustable skill levels that cover a variety of topics.

In the drills, which use dragsters or riderless horses, players can race against their previous scores or there is a network version available for classroom use.

Because the software is so limited in its teaching tools, we suggest that you look into other products if your students or children need instructive advice while learning. This would be a great product for those that just need some extra practice, or repetition.

Considering this is just a drill program it covers quite a few subjects including estimating, rounding, decimals, money, multiplication, division, fractions and percents. In total, it covers 214 topics and has 33,000 problems.

Topics Covered

This program is extremely easy to use and installs quickly. We feel this software is easy enough for anyone. On the Barnum Software website, they recommend this product for all students, of any age, including Title 1, gifted, special Ed, adults and others.

This program arrives with exceptional documentation including a tournament handbook, a quick start-up guide, a program guide and inter-program help. Online they publish FAQs and provide telephone and email support. They supply free sample CDs and even post their street address and fax numbers.

The Quarter Mile Math is the best drill program we could find, is easy to use and even suitable for adults who want to revive their math skills. Since players can race against their own previous scores, it is an appropriate choice for any skill or confidence level.

Ease of Use