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Kareo is a leading medical software and services company, offering combined medical practice management and medical billing software. This company’s cloud-based software offers several pricing plans. For smaller practices that submit fewer claims, the company offers a low-volume pricing model where you can submit your first 50 claims per month free with a minimal fee per claim after the first 50. You also get the practice management and billing software, along with Kareo’s free electronic health records system.

Medical Billing

If you submit many claims per month, then you might want to consider the Kareo Suite pricing plan, which charges a flat fee for unlimited claims and the software. This medical billing system gets our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for its user-friendly software interface and thorough claims management tools.

Kareo’s software system offers the second-highest first-pass resolution rate average of comparable companies at 98.7%. This medical billing software integrates with a clearinghouse, so you can submit and receive claims directly from more than 2,500 payers, which is the average number you can expect from software in this industry. Clearinghouse integration also means the software’s claims management updates in real time, so you can efficiently manage any denied claims as soon as they return.

Your patients can access their account information through an online patient portal. Through this system, your patients are able to make payments on their account balance. This efficient and user-friendly system can increase the rate of reimbursement for your practice, as the system can be accessed on any internet-enabled device, which is often more convenient for patients compared to paper statements.

If you also want the option of using paper statements, you can print off statements from the software to distribute yourself. Good practice management software includes the ability to export and print statements as needed. Kareo is one of the few companies that offers an add-on service where it prints and mails paper statements for a minimal per-statement fee. For patient demographics with limited internet access or experience, paper statements can be a necessity in order to maintain your practice’s revenue.

Kareo’s software includes many great reporting features that you can customize to fit your practice. Most medical management and billing solutions include some level of customized reporting. Kareo lets you view factors, such as the most common reasons your claims have been denied, so you can adjust your workflow as needed to prevent future denied claims.

Practice Management

Kareo’s software includes many great practice management tools in addition to the medical billing features. Your front-office staff can scan and upload any documents, such as insurance cards, into a patient’s records. Staff can also verify patient insurance eligibility as needed, which is a standard industry feature necessary to collect accurate copays and submit insurance claims.

The company offers data-import services for a one-time fee that varies according to the size and specialty of your practice. Kareo is unusual in that it is one of the few companies to offer a free electronic health records system alongside its practice management and medical billing software. This means you can keep all of your practice and patient information in one system that integrates all the features efficiently.

Like many other comparable software companies, Kareo assigns a customer success coach to your account. The account representative gives you personalized help and a support contact to help you with implementing the software. Your dedicated coach also helps oversee training for you and your staff through online webinars that walk you through setting up the system to submit claims step by step.

The Kareo software is a cloud-based Software as a Service. You don’t need to pay for hosting hardware or maintain the system yourself. Kareo takes care of updating the system when needed and backing up your practice’s data. With this hosting system, you can access the software interface from any web-enabled device.

Kareo gives any sized practice the option of a great set of medical software, including a medical practice management and billing solution with a 98.7% first-pass resolution rate. You can submit claims directly through to payers with the integrated clearinghouse. Kareo’s web-based model means you don’t have to worry about maintaining the hardware and the software. Small practices that submit a limited amount of monthly claims can also benefit from Kareo’s packages. Overall, Kareo is a great option to consider for your practice’s medical billing requirements, especially if you’re looking for an electronic health records system to match.

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