medical billing software – NueMD Medical Billing Software 2017 – Top Tens

NueMD’s medical billing software is a cloud-based system for practices of any size. The company offers several software packages at different prices, so you can pay for what you need; a few other comparable companies also offer similar package-based fee structures with comparable features. The lowest-priced option, Practice Solution, includes NueMD’s medical billing solutions implemented with NueMD’s medical practice management system.


With NueMD’s practice management features, you can begin tracking patient accounts from the moment an appointment is scheduled with the system’s scheduling feature. This feature doesn’t track specifically which software user makes changes to the schedule, though, unlike other software that builds a more comprehensive audit trail.

Another feature, standard among similar programs, verifies a patient’s insurance eligibility. You can check patients’ copay amounts before or while they check in, so you or your front-office staff can collect while patients are in your office. This tool also makes sure that patient insurance benefits are still current to ensure submitting claims after an appointment goes smoothly.

This company is one of many to offer related medical billing services that work alongside its own software. The first-pass resolution rate average for practices using this software is a high 99%, which is the highest number out of all comparable software options and the highest number a software system will claim.

To prevent claims from being denied and wasting your staff’s time in editing and resubmitting denied claims, this system’s built-in claim scrubber lets you check each claim automatically. Claims are compared against the system’s database of codes and issues, and if there are any errors, the software marks them so you can fix them before submission. This is a standard feature in medical billing software that helps save your staff time by not having to check claims for errors manually.

NueMD’s Practice Solution package includes a combination medical practice management and billing solution. You and your staff have access to all the standard tools needed to track patients from when they first schedule an appointment to when they or their insurance makes the final payment. The first-pass resolution rate with this software is the highest out of any comparable systems. For smaller practices or practices that don’t need incredibly detailed user activity tracking reports, this software is a reasonable option to consider.