medical practice management software – NextGen, 2017

NextGen Practice Management is scheduling and billing options for practices and hospitals of any size. The company offers its software through the SaaS model, which means you pay a monthly subscription to use the system. This model is the norm for most software companies in this industry and means that the company takes care of all of the maintenance for the hardware hosting the software and your data as well as any software upgrades. You don’t have to pay and find space for extra hardware, and you can access the software from anywhere with an internet connection.


As medical office management software in addition to billing, NextGen Practice Management includes features found in most management services, such as appointment reminders, which saves your staff from having to spend time calling every patient to confirm appointments. Another feature becoming more common with practice management software lets front-office staff can also check insurance eligibility for scheduled patients in batches as opposed to checking each patient individually.

Patients have access to a fully featured patient portal, a critical feature in practice management software, which lets them pay off their statements or view their medical information. The portal is available in English, Spanish and two Chinese dialects so you can cater to various patient demographics and improve your patient’s care. Most software services only offer patient portals in English.

The first-pass resolution rate average with using this software is 96%, which isn’t the lowest percentage among the comparable software options we looked at, but it is a few points lower than many of the other options. A decent rate means that insurances and payers reimburse more of your claims on the first submission, so your staff has less denied submissions to manage.

The NextGen medical-billing features in this practice management software support ICD-10 coding. The software automatically switches between ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding as needed, and it helps guide you and your staff in selecting the proper ICD-10 codes. Any practice management and medical billing software you look at should offer built-in support for the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, and most do. This company also offers online classes and training programs that you can purchase for you and your staff if your practice needs more training. Most companies include at least some form of training during the initial implementation period, but not many offer as-needed training options upfront.

NextGen offers its clients an online support center that provides helpful resources, such as online demonstrations and community support. The company’s website lists various videos, webinars and documents that overview various topics, such as specific features in the software.

NextGen Practice Management also offers great customer service. The company assigns a dedicated professional representative to your account for several months to make sure implementation in your practices goes smoothly; most companies offer some form of dedicated support, whether with a team or a single point of contact. For general support, you submit a ticket request to help and support, which is viewed within two hours after submission. The company also offers community resources where you can interact with other NextGen users.

Medical practice management software like NextGen Practice Management streamline your practice’s day-to-day responsibilities. With this software, your front-office staff can expertly manage claims to decrease the occurrence of denied claims. The software also makes healthcare easy for your patients, who have access to a multi-language patient portal. For practices of any size, NextGen Practice Management has many great features to offer.