mens trail running shoes – Treksta Mega Wave, 2017

Treksta – an Active Junky favorite – promotes its Mega Wave men’s trail running shoe for long-distances runners. When tested in the early season, Active Junky categorizes it with its training and beginner trail running shoes. It is on the lighter side of trail running shoes at 10.5 oz, constructed with mesh upper and vented midsole to allow your foot to breathe.

For shoe design and fit, Treksta has steered away from conventional trail running shoe design based on a generic foot shape. After taking digital measurements of over 20,000 feet, the company designed a new sole technology. With an emphasis on over-all comfort, its patented NestFit construction cradles the foot without affecting motion or circulation. The three-layer insole is designed to support and contour around while keeping your legs in alignment in order to reduce muscle fatigue, especially over those longer runs. The whole design comes together to promote peak performance during multiple activities, specifically in the case of Mega Wave, for those trail runners with long distances to cover.

Independent suspension technology found in the outsole offers shock absorption and traction, also aiding in the reduction of fatigue. The HyperGrip outsole provided pure traction through mud, over loose rock and across the soft trail of our varying-terrain test course. However, on more compact surfaces we expect more power transfer and energy return than this trail running shoe proved to offer, especially when control and efficiency are essential in long-distance running trail shoes.

Tech Specs

Company Background: Treksta has been designing and creating new technology for outdoor footwear since 1988. It supplies trail running shoes for men, women and kids as well as other models of shoes, including hiking shoes and casual summer sandals.