mid tier smartphones – Apple 2017

The Apple iPhone 5c is a midrange iPhone with some limited functions and plastic parts. While the operating system and basic functions are Apple’s proprietary options, the midrange smartphone has 8GB of storage, a polycarbonate-over-steel body and an 8 megapixel (MP) camera.

A relatively small design, it features a 4-inch touchscreen display with a 336-pixel-per-inch resolution. At nearly 5 inches high and 2.33 inches wide, the 5C is fairly compact and easy to fit into your pocket and hold with one hand. However, it weighs 4.6 ounces, thanks to the steel body.

The front-facing iSight 1.2MP camera features autofocus and tap-to-focus for making video calls and 720p HD recording. Image processing and built-in editing software allow you to straighten, crop and edit the light contrast on the photos with a simple slider. You can also use geotagging to create maps showing where you took photos, which is useful for vacations. With 30 frames per second, 1080p HD recording and 8MP stills, the rear camera offers better quality. It also features LED flash, tap to focus and autofocus for taking clear photos.

Apple’s FaceTime allows you to make free video or audio calls using either camera and microphone or the microphone alone as long as you have Wi-Fi or your cellular network. The iPhone 5c midrange smartphone includes Apple’s Siri voice assistant, voice dictation and turn-by-turn audio instructions. This midrange smartphone includes most of the features of the standard iPhone.

A built-in pedometer, GPS and accelerometer allow you to use the iPhone 5C for navigation and fitness tracking. Apple iMaps and the Health application make this possible, but you can also download hundreds of apps with more advanced features as well from the app store.

The plastic body on Apple’s mid-tier smartphone offers more color and style options but doesn’t offer the same resilience as the standard Apple aluminum frame. A steel and bicarbonate exterior also means that the case is heavy, which is a disadvantage if you want the lightest option available. However, the bright range of colors allows for customization, making the iPhone 5c a good midrange smartphone if you want something stylish.

With only one screen option, a low-quality camera and a heavy body, the iPhone 5c is not the best midrange smartphone for everyone. However, fans of the iOS operating system and Apple products can view the phone as an entry-level option without downgrading to a previous model.