mini fridges – Midea Mini Fridge 2017 – Top Tens

The Midea HS-87L is a popular mini fridge option among college students and professionals alike due to its reliable design. It is equipped with common features like temperature control, with additional perks like a reversible door open.

This mini refrigerator is designed for dorm rooms, offices and other compact locations. The internal temperature is controllable through the use of an adjustable thermostat, which alters both the fridge and freezer temperatures. The capacity of the fridge itself is 2.4 cubic feet, which you access through a reversible swing door. The reversible swing feature means you can adjust the fridge door to open from both sides to suit your preference.

The freezer is separate from the fridge body and is covered by a hinged plastic cover. Though quite small, the freezer is still capable of holding small meals or a couple of drinks. To prevent excess moisture building up within the unit and coating the freezer in ice, the unit has a manual defrost function that you can use without having to resort to unplugging the fridge and leaving it open.

The wire shelves in this compact refrigerator are adjustable to accommodate your storage needs. It offers four adjustable heights for the two wire racks, so you can fit just about any food item in the fridge. The door contains two shelves, one of which is large enough for 2-liter bottles. Each shelf has a removable wire rack that you can take out to store larger items within this small fridge.

The Midea HS-87L1 offers all of the basic features you require from a small refrigerator. It is equipped with a standard-capacity interior, an internal temperature control and manual defrost. Combine it with the benefit of a reversible door swing so you can place it in any corner of your apartment, office or room, and this is a device that will fulfill your basic needs for cooling and storing small food items.