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Guy4Game has grown from providing products for one game to twenty-one games, and from just selling currency to now selling powerleveling, items and accounts, CD keys and other services as well. Guy4Game continues to expand their MMORPG servic e without ever halting. Like many of the other MMORPG services we reviewed, Guy4Game includes a list of the games they offer services for on their home page and also includes support features such as live chat and of course account login information.


Overall, this website is user-friendly with one exception. The checkout process can be daunting with so many fields to fill in. You don’t have to enter information in all of them, but you have to pick and choose which fields pertain to you and your purchase. Most will find this to be of little concern and will find the overall MMORPG service very easy to use.

You can find the products you need by simply highlighting the game you wish to browse and selecting the service you desire. If you run into any hitches, check out the FAQs section. It’s full of valuable information. If you can’t find the answer there, Guy4Game offers live support on their website and phone support so you can talk to customer support directly.

Guy4Game offers a free bi-monthly newsletter that notifies members of the status of the site and any current events that may be going on. The newsletter also has a small section of ads and endorsements. Guy4Game also offers a Professional Skills Solution Service including packages for trade skills of enchanting, blacksmithing, engineering, tailoring, alchemy, leatherworking and jewelcrafting for World of Warcraft players. You can also check out the latest news for games or the site itself directly on the home page.

Guy4Game requires a lot of personal information like address and telephone number during the checkout process. However, once you’re through the process, you will receive your product fast. We received our email confirmation immediately and our product within a minute. If you don’t want to spend your time grinding to reach a new level, this site offers powerleveling for a number of games, including some games that few companies will powerlevel, like Final Fantasy XI, Lord of the Rings Online and RuneScape II.

You can buy gift certificates, which make excellent gifts. Guy4Game accepts credit cards, PayPal, check or money orders and wire transfers. If you sign up for the Guy4Game wholesale membership you can buy in bulk at a better rate; however, you cannot be a first time customer to do this.

Guy4Game is constantly doing promotional giveaways and prize drawings. This service has good prices, often the lowest, depending on the game. If the pricing isn???t the lowest on the market and you are a full member, promotions and other deals are also available.

Though Guy4Game doesn’t have items for as many games as the top-ranked service, you’ll still find many of your favorites like Aion Online, Lineage II, Warhammer and World of Warcraft US and EU. All of the major competitors in the world of MMORPGs can be found on this site and MMORPG services are available for each game.

Guy4Game offers several customer service options in an easy to find section on their site labeled Help Center. Gamers may use the live chat service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a toll free number, and a useful FAQs section. Customer comments are lower than the top ranked service, but adequate.

Guy4Game offers currency and powerleveling for almost all of the popular online games. The MMORPG services site is extremely well laid out and within a very short amount of time will receive a conformation on your order. Guy4Game is an easy MMORPG service to use and its prices are among the best.