mobile device management software – 2X MDM, 2017

2X MDM was created to give you control over corporate data on your company’s mobile devices. This software allows you to see into both company- and employee-owned mobile devices, so you can make sure your employees are complying with your company’s security policies and protecting company data. This mobile management software can be used by Android and iOS operating devices.

There are a number of features integrated into the 2X MDM platform. One feature gives you the ability to divide devices according to the device owner’s department or by the type of device. This allows you to look at all of the tablets at one time, for example. Any policies you set up can be applied to the group of devices or owners that fall into that category. App management is available through this MDM, so you can monitor for inappropriate applications and then whitelist or blacklist apps as you see fit.

2X also gives you remote lock and wipe capabilities. These allow you to quickly protect a compromised device from third-party access when you don’t physically have it in front of you. You can choose to erase data from the device or change the password, making it inaccessible to anyone but you. Even before you encounter data-compromising situations, you can set up means for enforcing strong password policies across the board. That way, you don’t have to go on a device-by-device basis to apply these standards.

Another benefit of this mobile device management software is the ability to set up location tracking. You can keep track of every mobile device on your network and store a comprehensive history of their locations. You can even trace connected mobile devices and refine your tracking parameters based on your preconfigured settings. You can keep this log of locations for office hours, so you know where and when your employees have been out in the field.

2X MDM provides you with visibility and monitoring capabilities for your workforce. It can help you save money and minimize risk from employees who rely on mobile devices. You can leverage some of the tools to protect privileged information and increase your representatives’ capabilities by using the location tracking. If you’re looking for a means to better monitor, track and protect your employees’ mobile devices, 2X MDM is a viable option.