mobile encryption software – ESET Mobile Security 2017

The ESET Mobile Security software will not only protect your data with layered encryption codes, it is full-service and extremely useful mobile encryption software. Along with basic protection and passwords, it will filter your calls and help you find the mobile device. The cell phone encryption software will help you find your phone if it’s lost or stolen, and it will allow you to remotely wipe all memory, including photos and contacts, if needed. Whether you’re a small business owner who needs to keep contacts and private information private, or you just happen to keep private information, such as financial emails, on your phone, this is a terrific solution.


The mobile encryption software will help protect documents and other information on your phone through extensive security measures and through a powerful encryption. In addition to the password protections, all your documents are covered with a standard AES-256 encryption method. This will help protect your private information against prying eyes. Also, no new hardware will be necessary; the encryption tools are included with the ESET software.

In addition to your phone’s security measures, this mobile encryption software will allow you to create a password for accessing your phone remotely. When your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to locate it on a map or completely wipe it clean so no information or data can be accessed. The cell phone encryption software will help you make regularly scheduled backups of contacts and information so you won’t lose too much information when wiping your phone or mobile device clean.

Another useful feature is the call and text message filtering. You’ll be able to blacklist numbers you don’t want to bother you; all phone calls and text messages from blacklisted numbers will be blocked. The mobile encryption software will also allow you to designate a selected contact to be your security backup. If an unauthorized SIM card is entered in the phone, that contact will be alerted. Also, that contact will be able to reset the remote password. This is not a required feature to use, but it can be helpful.

The application is missing just a few of the more advanced features. For example, it cannot scan apps you download. This extra layer of security would be useful.

ESET Mobile Security has various useful security features, such as remote access and document encryption, which are perfect for personal or business use. The option to control the phone remotely and have a backup contact can also be particularly handy to protect your mobile device if it’s ever stolen or tampered with.