mobile hotspots – Verizon Mobile Hotspot 2017 – Top Tens

Verizon Wireless’ primary mobile hotspot solution, known as the Jetpack MiFi, is designed with extended battery life in mind to help those on-the-go to access a strong internet signal anywhere within the Verizon network. This compact mobile hotspot can also double as a juice pack, for those who need extra battery power for their devices.

This hotspot is one of the few unlocked options available, and while it is meant to be used with Verizon’s network, users do have the option to switch carriers if they like. The main feature of this device, however, is the 4,000 mAh LI-Ion battery, which can last for 20 hours of internet time and is more than twice as powerful as the iPhone 6’s battery.

This mobile hotspot plan operates on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and can support up to 15 different devices on the Wi-Fi. The actual design of this mobile hotspot is very compact, making it an ideal solution for those who need a small, travel-friendly solution. The device is slightly larger than a credit card and features a USB B-female port on one side for charging and a USB A-female port on the other, if you want to use the device to power another electronic; you can only use one of these ports at a time.

On the front of the Jetpack, you will find an LCD screen and navigation buttons that allow you to change your settings and access different features. This screen also allows you to view the status of your hotspot, view battery life, find the password for client hookups and access the device’s GPS features.

You can buy the Verizon Wireless Jetpack either independently or for a discounted price when you sign up for a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless. The wireless giant offers a number of different plans, starting with 4GB per month and going all the way up to 100GB per month. However, if you are planning on using this device quite frequently, then you will want to keep in mind that there are no unlimited plans available for this device. This is something that most providers today come with, and Verizon has yet to include the mobile hotspot in their More Everything plan that covers traditional cell phone service.

While the lack of unlimited monthly service can make this mobile hotspot plan more expensive than some competing offers, overall Verizon’s mobile hotspot comes with a number of useful features. It also comes with one of the most powerful batteries on the market, making this a smart solution for those who want a mobile hotspot that will last for hours.