mobile virus protection software – BullGuard Mobile Security 2017

BullGuard’s mobile virus protection protects phones from viruses and harmful programs using real-time detection. Regular scans of your mobile device detect malware, and you can establish a schedule to scan viruses according to your preference. This cell phone virus protection includes firewall protection, which sets up a barrier around the ports on your device. A firewall lets you decide what content enters your smartphone. It also places a shield over your signal so that your device is hidden from public networks. And BullGuard has a spam filter to block unwelcome phone calls and text messages.


The app updates itself while your phone is connected to the internet. If you don’t have continuous internet access, then each time that you gain internet connectivity, the software checks for updates. If you want to check for updates or change the way your device updates itself, there are instructions on the BullGuard support website.

If your cell phone is lost, there are ways to minimize potential damages. From the online account that you created when you first purchased the software, you can lock your device or wipe the data remotely. When you lock your phone, you place a password on the device to guard against unauthorized access. Wiping the device clears it of all contacts, pictures, text messages, emails and other files. Through the online account, you can activate GPS functions to pinpoint the location of your phone. The Scream Locate feature makes your phone sound an alarm even if you have it on mute.

BullGuard Mobile Security includes parental control features to allow management of your child’s mobile internet use. Parental controls also monitor incoming and outgoing images and messages, and allow you to block a list of sources.

BullGuard’s 24/7 access to customer support is unusual in the industry. Beyond email and live chat, there are other help options such as a user guide with step-by-step instructions. The manuals are thorough. If you still have unanswered questions, BullGuard hosts online answers to frequently asked questions.

BullGuard stands out among best antivirus for mobile apps in various ways. Its feature list has no glaring omissions. There is 24/7 access to customer support. However, BullGuard Mobile Security’s absence from mobile security app testing events at AV Comparatives and AV Test make it difficult to compare its performance among competitors.