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With more than a billion Android devices on Earth, there are bound to be folks looking to exploit them. Legions of hackers focus on extracting smartphone data for profit. It is not science fiction. So unless you install mobile virus protection software, your Android device is at risk. One good way to control your privacy would be to install McAfee Mobile Security, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner in the best antivirus for mobile category. In the course of reviewing mobile security and antivirus apps, McAfee???s mobile antivirus emerged victorious in each evaluation category: protection, features and usability.


One of the security software industry???s respected independent test labs, AV Test, put dozens of mobile virus protection apps through their paces in March 2014. The testers installed the most current version of McAfee???s antivirus mobile security and configured it to default settings with permission to update itself at will and to query McAfee???s in-the-cloud services. When McAfee Mobile Security encountered the 2,266 malicious apps that AV Test had captured in its honey pots during the four weeks prior to the test, McAfee detected each one. McAfee???s 100 percent protection score exceeded the average score for all of the tested mobile virus protection apps.

McAfee???s antivirus software for mobile protects against phishing sites and prevents browser exploits. It looks for malware in apps, files and memory cards according to a schedule or whenever you initiate a scan. Although it doesn???t scan email, McAfee detects malware in SMS and multimedia messages. Malware embedded in QR codes is another way to infect a phone. (QR codes, or quick response codes, are bar codes that you read from a smartphone to receive information.) McAfee Mobile Security protects smartphones from QR code exploits that reset phones.

McAfee???s mobile antivirus is network aware, which means it monitors for threats whenever your Android phone connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. The method that network snoopers use to observe your web activity is Address Resolution Protocol snooping. If it happens on your phone, McAfee disconnects the phone from the network and alerts you.

The completeness of the McAfee feature list is praiseworthy, especially its anti-theft capabilities. Because of its data backup feature, if your phone ever disappears, your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, pics and vids are not lost. If misplace your phone somewhere in your home, you can make it sound an alarm so you can locate it. And if someone steals your phone, you can send a remote factory reset that deletes everything and resets the phone. You can also send a command from a website or via SMS that wipes the phone clean. When the thief changes the SIM, your phone will lock. You can track its location continuously on a map and make it take silent snapshots of its abductor and then email them to you. If someone enters the wrong PINs, the phone takes a picture of the person and emails it to you. It also sends you its location. McAfee???s last-gasp effort to reunite you with your phone is that, before your phone completely drains the battery, it sends you its last whereabouts.

Privacy features are also an important part of the feature set. You can???t monitor what children do with the phone. However if you establish multiple user profiles, you can control which apps to make available to children or guests. You can protect apps by enforcing PIN access. When McAfee identifies apps that betray privacy, it shares the information with you so you can uninstall the bad ones. A final point about McAfee???s privacy is that you can block numbers that send unwanted calls and texts to you.


The usability of an Android mobile antivirus app is all about its effect on your phone and whether it confuses legitimate apps with dangerous ones. Mobile antivirus software test results from AV Test show that McAfee never confused safe apps for malicious ones even after dealing with 841 legitimate apps from the Google Play Store and 489 legitimate apps from third-party Android app stores. Furthermore, the usability tests discovered that McAfee does not generate excess traffic, neither does it slow down the device or shorten battery life.

One of the reasons that McAfee’s mobile virus protection ranks best in our review is that help and support are accessible 24/7 via live chat, telephone and email.

Unless you must have extensive parental controls included with your mobile virus protection software, McAfee Mobile Security is the best antivirus for mobile app. Independent test labs say it is superb at protection against malware and malicious links. It does not burn up device resources. And if you lose your phone, you have many ways to recover safely.


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