model airplane stores – Revell SnapTite F-18 Blue Angels 2017

The Revell F-18 Blue Angels model airplane is our kind of plastic model kit and perfect for beginners. You see, the Revell Blue Angels model plane is a SnapTite kit, meaning all of the pieces are pre-painted and snap together. Goodbye paint and glue.

The actual F-18 Hornet is 56 feet long with a wingspan of almost 37 feet. Revell’s F-18 Blue Angels model is a 1/100 replica of the original, with a 6 3/4-inch wingspan. This model airplane is much easier to put together than other kits because it only has 16 pieces, and they snap together. Revell recommends the kit for ages 8 and up, and because the model is so simple to assemble, it would be great for beginners.

Although used by the Blue Angels to perform spectacular and dangerous maneuvers, the F-18 Hornet was originally designed to be a strike fighter for the United States Navy and the Marines. The aircraft uses the latest technology to product sixteen thousand tons of thrust. It is a single-seat aircraft, which means only one person can be in the plane at a time – the pilot. The Hornet acts as either an escort fighter or a light-attack aircraft. However, no matter what it was originally designed to be, the F-18 Hornet is forever paired with the famous Blue Angels, and the Blue Angels still use several of the very same methods and techniques to coax their F-18 Hornets into performing the group’s precision maneuvers that they used in their initial shows back in 1946. The Revell F-18 Blue Angels model airplane is a historically accurate replica of the Hornet, with structured surface details and authentic waterslide decals.

Because the F-18 is a snap-together model airplane, many of the steps you would expect from a typical kit aren’t necessary. You don’t need glue, you don’t need paint, and you don’t need several days to complete the project. In the instruction manual there are a total of six steps to complete the model. One downside to this type of design is that the parts don’t move – the wheels are stationary.

Revell’s website has a pretty good help and support system in place for its customers. You can find out historical information about the plane you’re building or download the instruction manual, all on the same page. There is also a helpful Getting Started page that explains, in detail, all of the model airplane lingo that you need to know for getting into the hobby. We are also impressed to see a store and service locator online. If you have a specific question, check Revell’s FAQs page first, and then you can contact someone via email or phone for additional support.

The Revell F-18 Blue Angel model airplane is can be enjoyed by seasoned hobbyists, but it’s simple enough for newbies. It only has 16 pieces that snap together, but the history behind the plane adds depth to the model. The Blue Angels use the F-18 Hornet to complete amazing tricks, but it was originally designed to be a strike fighter in the 1940s. With this model airplane, you have a fun project to complete while commemorating the plane’s history.