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This service provides a program to access a peer–to–peer (P2P) file–sharing network. Although file sharing is legal, file sharing that infringes upon copyright law is illegal. Popular music, movies, games and software are often protected by copyright.

Dangers of Peer–to–Peer File Sharing

Malicious Content

P2P networking allows computers to directly communicate with each other and share files. Often shared downloads contain dangerous viruses, spyware or misrepresented material. You may download spyware that relates all of your internet habits to interested parties. Additionally, since P2P is not monitored, you may think you downloaded a new release, popular film but you receive an illegal pornographic video that was intentionally mislabeled. Furthermore, by using a P2P service, you allow access to your hard drive and all of your files to anyone in the network. For more information please see, P2P Networking – Kids Know! Do Mom and Dad?

Criminal Liabilty

There are numerous copyright laws that protect music, movies, games, software, written material and even recorded public performances. If the selection and cost of movies or music on a website seems too good to be true, it probably is, which means that the artists are not receiving compensation for their work. In the last several years, there have been thousands of legal actions taken against not only file sharing companies, but also individual users.

More Information on Illegal File Sharing

Copyright Law Regarding Peer to Peer Networks

NET Act, Amendments of Titles 17 and 18 of the United States Code–bin/bdquery/z?d105:HR02265:@@@L

This act amends the original code to provide greater protection for copyright protection including criminal prosecution even when no monetary or commercial gain is involved.