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Black Diamond Sound Systems attempts to turn your PC into a personal recording studio with TsunamiPro. The program incorporates a number of standard features into a simple-to-use package, and finds room for a few extras as well. Audio editing, recording and a variety of editing effects are all available.


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TsunamiPro is very much a multifunctional application. Most of the standard functionality of MP3 editing software is here, and a variety of file formats are supported as well.

A graphical view of the audio waveform is utilized to manipulate and edit audio files. Combined with a common selection tool precise editing is a breeze.

The program has a CD ripper for ripping new tracks directly to a disk. An equalizer helps customize sound to taste and volume levels can be adjusted as well. Support for streaming from the internet and a variety of filters add to the list of features.

The interface is not quite as crisp as a few of the programs we examined. All of the functionality of this program means a large number of buttons. A professional sitting in front of a sound board will appreciate this, but a rookie audiophile may feel a bit overwhelmed. In addition, some of the utilities open separate windows, and the screen can become a little cluttered. But users willing to spend some time getting familiar with all this can ultimately enjoy a rich feature set.


TsunamiPro delivers a wide range of popular editing effects including amplify, chorus, fade and flange. A simple menu option applies most of these effects.

A vocal removal utility is also available that removes vocals from a track, easily creating a karaoke list. A vinyl restoration utility enables users to take those records off the shelf, digitize them and remove any pops and hiss. New life for old music!

TsunamiPro supports the most popular audio file formats, including MP3, WAV and WMA. There is also a conversion utility for converting file types.

TsunamiPro comes with a standard embedded help system that does an adequate job of covering basic topics. There are also helpful tips at product startup. For more information users can visit the product???s website (a link to this is available through the product???s help menu). Among other things, visitors to this site can download a copy of the Tsunami Pro User???s Manual.

Black Diamond???s TsunamiPro is a full-featured MP3 editing program that will satisfy many needs of editing enthusiasts and professionals. The interface is not as crisp and clean as some of the programs we examined, but there is more than enough functionality here to keep audiophiles busy and happy.

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